$200.00 USD

4 monthly payments

1-month of Spiritual Intuitive Coaching Program (Pay in 4 Monthly Installments)


Here's what you get working with Lisha:

  • 90 min sessions with Lisha (in-person or virtual) every week for one month.
  • you will learn how to neutralize negative blocking beliefs about yourself and your worth.
  • Lisha will show you how to access your inner, intuitive "voice" through the wisdom of the body.
  • you will learn how to trust this "voice."
  • you will receive energy healing for the parts of self that still feel wounded or traumatized (energy healing can include EMDR therapy, imaginal nurturing, internal resourcing, somatic awareness & utilization, breath work, visualization & meditation).
  • you will discover how to creatively co-create your soul's path with Spirit's guidance.
  • you will experience and embrace meaning & joy while on your authentic path.

This program will help you realize that when you intentionally access your soul's voice, you access the means to evolve beyond your wounding story & identity. You access an easier way to live in the world and relate with others.

You access peace.