Love What Hurts: A Guide for Healing Emotional Wounds and Following Your Intuition

If you are stuck in a cycle of negative beliefs and emotions, and you want to know how to live from a more authentic, intuitive presence, Love What Hurts will teach you how. In this book, intuitive trauma therapist and teacher Lisha Song, shows you how to gently befriend the wounded parts of self through the wisdom of the body and with the energy of curious compassion

From her own healing experiences, she changed the way she worked with clients to be more holistic and comprehensive, which includes the wisdom of the pain body and the inner intuitive voice we each possess. Lisha outlines the steps to the Clearing Exercise (ch. 7), which helps readers easily approach the origin of painful emotions that keep them from being wholly present in their lives and relationships. After the impact of these blocking beliefs and emotions are neutralized, Lisha shows you how to access, trust, and follow that Divine voice. She takes you on a journey toward an easier, more empowered way to live and relate with others. A journey toward inner freedom and peace

When you purchase a copy of Love What Hurts you will receive these additional bonuses:

  • a signed copy of the book
  • a crystal intuitively chosen to support your energy field
  • a digital recording of the Clearing Exercise meditation 
  • a digital recording of the Container & Calm Place meditation 

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