Intensive Trauma Healing Program



Client Success Stories

"With the 3-6 hr long intensive sessions I had with Lisha, I accomplished and accessed more than I genuinely thought possible. I was exhausted after each session, like a marathon runner who crosses the finish line and feels relief, satisfaction and like a hard thing was won.  And while it was hard at times, I was never alone facing those memories my body remembered as a whiff of smoke or tightening of my throat. Lisha guided and coached me through, stepping in when necessary and allowing me to set the pace so that I could access, feel and heal what I had been shielding myself from. After a few intensive day long sessions with Lisha, I no longer felt like the shell I was living as before. Now, I’m smiling genuinely, feeling emotion again, and my anxiety has noticeably decreased to a manageable level. The best part is that it didn’t take me years to get here… it took a couple of well placed days. Looking back on my experience, I sincerely recommend Lisha to anyone who is struggling with trauma and the effects it has on their daily lives and activities. As I said before, the only thing that scared me more than accessing whatever I pushed deep down inside, was what my life would continue to look like if I didn’t try.  Under Lisha’s care and through her intensive sessions, it didn’t take years. At the conclusion of each session, I realized that we can do hard things but we certainly don’t have to do it alone." ~ H.


"Fortune was smiling upon me when I found Lisha. I came to her seeking EMDR. Upon meeting her, I felt a sense of care and trust so I immediately knew I was in good hands. She advised me toward her intensive healing session which we started soon after my initial consultation. My experience with her during the sessions was life-bringing. The confusion that surrounded me for decades dissipated as we dove deeper into the session.  I wasn't skeptical of the treatment going into it, but I am still blown away by the freedom I have from it. My mind is no longer a chaotic mess of random thoughts, I have become more decisive in all areas of my life, and I find novelty in my everyday experiences. My experience with her healing session was subtle but the effects have been anything but that. I can honestly say I've experienced a transformation with her. I went in seeking healing, but I got so much more. She genuinely cares for her patients, you can feel that as soon as you walk into her space. Trust is important for anyone seeking an intensive healing experience, and you can definitely trust Lisha to get you there."    ~ J. 

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